Hello! Welcome to my little corner!

Good morning, afternoon or evening depending on your time zone! I have started this blog to share with the world what makes me tick, what gets me interested and what it is like to be living as a twenty-something in the twenty first century in the UK.

Firstly I am not going to claim some unique insight in to the ongoing psyche of all those between the ages of twenty and thirty born between the years of 1985-1995. I am sure I did what many others did. I went to school, on to college, on to university and then graduated into a bright shiny..…recession.

Now don’t worry, this isn’t some pity party, I was lucky enough to always be employed in some form, but I have always felt a bit on the back foot, always playing catch up and it is only recently that I feel like elements of my life are finally slotting into place and that is the crux of what this blog is about; life and how its changing for me, the steps and choices I will be taking and what interests me along the road.

I hope you enjoy joining me on the journey.


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