General Musings

To Do Lists….

Do you ever find that if feels as if the To Do lists you create just never get any smaller?

I feel like when I flick through an old notebook that it is inevitably bound to be full of a fair few To Do lists. Now I know that this is half the use of a notebook, that is destined for lists and things to do and reminders…but sometimes I feel we should be kinder to the notebook and actually use it for something a bit more inspiring. Perhaps take the time to write a few quotes in it, some poems, a terrible lovesong anything other than a To Do list!

Then again I guess that is what a Diary is for and the poor Notebook is just that..for notes.

Anyway I digress as Spring is coming along I find myself writing more and more To Do lists of things that I really should be doing.I really need to knuckle down and get going with some of the actions I give myself, rather than just carrying them over to the next list which tragically happens a lot. Lets hope Spring shakes the cobwebs and I can get going.


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