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Bridal Shopping: 2 Different Experiences

I am a bridesmaid for my best friend next year which in and of itself is exciting but this week we went dress shopping for herself and the bridesmaids. The sunshine that has been gloriously beating down on us this week definitely enhanced the mood and made it all so much more enjoyable (plus a few riverside pub lunches never hurt).

We had two very different experiences in the week, at the first place we went to in Wallingford, Bridelicious, we had never heard of before despite it having been there for a long time (and desdpite my Step-mum actually buying her dress there….yes I pay attention promise!), but  overall we had a lovely experience the lady was amazingly helpful, informative and involved with us as the clients in a really genuine way. We all felt really happy afterwards.

On the other hand at a really well known bridal shop in Reading, Bride to Be, we had an awful time. We felt like we were on a factory line, there was no engagement from the lady helping us, no advice offered. I also disliked how open the shop was to everyone just walking past and able to see us and the bride.

It just shows though how much better a small boutique can be and that a bigger place with a reputation can really let you down. My friend found her dream dress and the our bridesmaid dresses at the Wallingford shop and I will certainly be looking them up rather than the other place when I can finally plan my way down the aisle.


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