General Musings

My suddenly free Saturday: No Foo Fighters!

So I bought C for Christmas tickets to see the Foo Fighters at Wembley Stadium, which as we now know will not be happening, which is gutting as I have been really looking forward to it and we had a whole day scheduled in and I was all psyched to be active and prepped for Saturday. Being really pro-active!

I swear I am jinxed though, I was meant to see Michael Jackson on his final conert tour and then well he died! What is a girl to do?

Now I am in a vacuum and suddenly at a loose Saturday end…….???

I do have a cinema invitation which I think I will take up as it will totally screw with my mind to have been all keyed up for something to happen tomorrow and then nothing too. It would take me days to get off that mental high, so yep, looks as if I am off to see San Andreas with C and my friends, which I am still kind of psyched for as I LOVE a good disaster flick! Hopefully it will still be a good Saturday. 🙂



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