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Thrifty is the word!


Thrifty will definitely be my byword of the month (and for the next few months) as I have some hellish expenses up on the horizon, as we are in the process of getting our own place at last, which while very exciting is as you can imagine incredibly expensive! While we do have our savings I still want to make sure that we keep in our allotted budgets and don’t go crazy, so I will be little miss thrifty throughout the month as I make sure I claw back any little pennies that I can and keep us in the green for when we start.

I am not a naturally spendthrift of a person and I do have to admit to having a great love of a bargain and do like to save where I can so in a kind of self-pentitent way I am actually rather looking forward to being forced to be ultra careful – yes, I know, I am weird – it will be refreshing to re-evaluate all my purchases. Perhaps it will curb some of those throwaway culture instincts the media cultivates and lately I feel I have been the willing victim too!

Fingers crossed and purses shut!


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