General Musings

Feeling the Summer Vibes

So Summer has definitely been kicking off in Henley over the last few weeks, with the sunshine, the Regatta and now this week we have the Henley Festival from Weds-Sun. I am not going this year, but will keep an eye out for next year, but my mum and her boyfriend will be going along to see Lionel Richie and Spandau Ballet – I am the taxi! But to be honest I can still hear the music if I want to, I can just go sit on the other side of the river, maybe have a drink and possibly even hear it in my garden!

Last week I had work events in Henley by the river during the Regatta, so I was able to enjoy the sunshine, some of the regatta itself, take a boat trip and get free dessert! What more could a girl ask for to get her in the summer mood? Perhaps a day by the beach…but that can still happen, there is lots of summer left!

A few pics so far below….


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