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Flat Belly Meals – Womens Health

So as well as doing slimming world and exercising I have also been investing in other tools to give advice and help maintain the weight loss – which as we know is still ongoing – and I recently bought this Womens Health magazine special – Flat Belly Meals as it looked interesting to read and they have a good reputation.

While I was reading it I could certainly see the differences in approaches to healthy lifestyles compared to Slimming World, there was a higher focus on protein, more measurement of carbohydrates, nuts were not as awful and fizzy drinks of any sort are bad etc.

But I could still see similarities between the book and the Slimming World diet, and really Slimming World has to appeal to a wider mass audience and help people make changes to their eating habits they can live with in their daily lives – the magazine was perhaps more idealised – and does perhaps expect you to be able to afford more than you really can. But I guess if you want to lose weight or make healthier lifestyle changes sometimes that does mean avoid the cheaper, but sugar filled, products.

I did however find it a great read, really informative and it provided a lot of meals and tips which when I have lost all the weight that I want too I will definitely follow some of the advice in here more closely, I particularly found it useful for snacking ideas and lunches.



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