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#NewLaptop! – HP Pavillion 15’6

So I am rather excited by my new technological purchase as I have been in need, nay, dying for a new laptop for what has felt like aeons! I am not someone who needs to have the absolutely latest/newest fangled gadget on the block, I had my last laptop for well over 6 years, but even I had to admit defeat and cave when the old beast just didn’t function anymore and took ages to do even simple tasks like loading the internet or well, turn on!

So I knew the jig was up and I had to get a new laptop -I just didn’t know what exactly. So I turned to C for advice, I’m independent and capable of doing the research (which I did) but I still wanted the advice of someone who can explain it in non-technological language and just generally help me out, and he was very good at that.

I ended up with a HP Pavillion 15’6, Intel Core I3 processor, with Beats Audio, 8 GB Ram, 1 TB of storage and with Windows 8.1 and other functions which make it absolutely ideal for what I want to use the laptop for; surfing, writing blog posts, watching Netflix etc.

My one concession to prettiness over function……well I got it in Purple!

And a bonus with an actual functioning laptop – I can get this whole Blog shindig down so much easier!


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