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Slimming World: Week 15 – 3lbs and now 1st lighter!

So I finally did it! I finally cracked the 1st goal! I am sooo pleased with myself, I actually cant believe I have lost a whole stone! I am definitely feeling it though, I feel lighter, more energetic and overall healthier! I had 1st as my interim goal – as I wasn’t really sure how well I was going to lose and how it was going to all pan out however now I am thinking that I want to go for 2st. I think when I hit that I will feel comfortable.

In all honesty I am not sure how I managed to lose 3lbs as while I was good and did watch what I ate throughout the week predominantly I still had a naughty Dominos Pizza on Friday, thin crust vegetable – which actually isn’t a diet thing as I have never liked deep pan or really meaty pizza’s either – so really not sure what happened. I think I was better at the structure and I only really gave myself my syns in the evening. Mainly I tried to do Free Food meals for Breakfast and Lunch with my Healthy Extras and then syns with Dinner so I think that helped keep it in control.

Also as a bonus I got Slimmer of the Week! 🙂




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