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Slimming World Week 16: +0.5lbs – not too surprised!

I had to book a week off for a work softball tournament -I know, how American! So this is a two week update.

Considering that I had a work BBQ, a family BBQ, a work colleagues birthday drinks and various other social events over the two weeks that literally meant my control was not what it should have been, I’m really not surprised that I came in with a gain this week. Despite this I am not too disappointed with myself as it was basically two weeks of diet chaos!

I would like to say that I am going to get right on plan, be super good etc. but I can’t honestly say how this week will turn out as I have a work summer school for 100 sixth form students which is residential and means I will have to be on site, eat campus food and basically be rushed. I am going to plan some lunches in advance and leave in the office fridge to grab, but no plan is fool proof. This week I am definitely winging it.

I’ll update. Wish me luck!



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