General Musings


I love making plans. I can’t help it. I’m a planner by nature. I like knowing something is going to happen, I like having something to look forward too in the future. I am therefore potentially very bad at spontaneity, I over think, I reason out all the options, the logistics. I plan.

I do try to be spontaneous, to do something without a formulated plan, on a casual whim, however, I don’t seem to know spontaneous people willing to go out on a limb to indulge my sporadic moments of spontaneity. Don’t get me wrong they want to do the fun things, they agree it is an excellent idea and definitely something to be done BUT can we plan it for another time? And again we come up against my stumbling block.


Perhaps I am doomed to a planned life….? Well to be honest if I was doomed to a planned life I would be on track and my plan would have come together and I would be on track, sadly, life doesn’t follow a plan and it got thrown out of the window!

Hey perhaps there is hope for me yet? Perhaps I am not doomed to a planned life, perhaps, I am being utterly spontaneous by my very act of living and the choices I make…….but perhaps, just to be on the safe side I’ll still go make those plans… 😉



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