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Currently trending in my handbag – Lipstick Queen, Frog Prince.


I am amassing a small collection of lipsticks, it’s a new trend for me. I used to be on the lip gloss band wagon, I was a 90’s/early 00’s teen after all and firmly thought lip glosses were so much cooler than old fashioned granny lipsticks. But now, I adore them and would choose lipstick over lip gloss any day. I do still have a few lip glosses and occasionally I will see one that looks nice and I’ll buy it. But I am firmly now in the lipstick camp. Oh how I do love  a lippy! There is nothing quite comparable with lipstick, lip glosses are all well and dandy but a lipstick, a lipstick is classically fabulous. Yes, you can get horrors with lipstick, bad matches, poor quality and teeth stain if not careful but I prefer them. A lipstick evokes something elegant, classy that a shiny gloss just doesn’t for me – plus my hair sticks to it in the wind!

Currently trending in my handbag all the time is the Frog Prince by Lipstick Queen. Yes it’s green, but if you haven’t heard of it before it doesn’t stay green. It is really clever and changes to match your skins PH levels to give you the perfect rosy, healthy red shade every time that suits you! It’s indispensable and great for that natural look, especially for work. I love it! I’ll admit it is not cheap – £22.00 from my local Space NK but absolutely worth it! It moisturises my lips and always gives me a confidence boost – what more could you want from a lipstick? Oh yeah, staying power, it has that too!


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