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Week 20 Slimming World: +2.5lbs – so annoyed!

So I put on 2.5lbs this week and I am just so annoyed at myself really. Yes I wasn’t great, Santa Pod didn’t really offer great food choices but I have been worse than this before and still lost so I am a bit gutted with myself. Though I am feeling bloated and holding a lot of water so could be a pre-cursor to that time of the month, but still 2.5lbs on is not acceptable at this stage.

I am just going to be as good as possible this week and definitely get back in some exercise, lack of Zumba due to the instructors summer vacation is killing me! So I have to stay positive, and yes I am pissed with myself but it is literally just one week, there are many more weeks to come and many more lbs to lose!! I can’t get disheartened after a bad week.



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