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Feeling the changes!

So on Bank Holiday Monday I went clothes shopping with my BF, and I was a bit naughty as I had a McD’s for lunch – but I offset it later with free food!

But that’s not the point of this post, this is a bit of a companion piece to my weigh in, the point of this post is that I went clothes shopping and didn’t come home on a massive downer because nothing fit me. In actual fact everything I tried on fit me, bar a skirt that is made for someone with no meat apparently! But overall this was a great feeling for me, normally I feel like I look awful, that somehow I have developed two bellies or it just hugs me wrong, but not this time.

Yes I tried on some clothes that just didn’t suit me, so I didn’t get those, but to actually go clothes shopping, buy clothes that fitted and I felt good in them – that was liberating and so nice!  So while I haven’t reached my target weight and I still have a way to go  on this dieting, healthy journey I am feeling like it is absolutely possible and I am looking forward to getting there.



4 thoughts on “Feeling the changes!”

  1. Change is key to success! Yes yes yes. Change is a beautiful and essential key to life. I’d love for you to check out my blog… I’m new to blogging and would appreciate feedback saying we are spreading similar messages of positivity and change!

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