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Cannelloni – Slimming World Style


I have made a few SW recipes but I recently made the Slimming World cannelloni. I love cannelloni and with each serving (2 Cannelloni tubes) being only one 1 Syn it was definitely worth a try for a lighter alternative.

It was simple enough to make. Like a standard Cannelloni recipe except that the filling is made by combining  cottage cheese  with the spinach instead of Ricotta and this is then (messily!) stuffed into the tubes, topped with a passata sauce that also had some garlic and spices mixed in and  baked at 180C in a fan oven for 25 mins. Though do check the pasta cooks thoroughly mine still felt a little underdone in places!

Verdict: Although it was very nice and I would definitely cook it again as it is, I would perhaps up the syn value a little and add in a little bit of ricotta to the mixture  just to add slightly more creaminess to the mix as it baked a little drier than I would have liked, but then this may have been me fussing over the pasta tubes cooking enough! But overall though it was lovely  and with some salad on the side made a really good dinner and the rest was great as leftovers for lunch the next day!


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