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International Literacy Day: Literacy & Me

I cant imagine a world where I was unable to read. I am sure I could have survived but my life would never have been as enriched as it is today.

I would not have run through the woods with Skip. I would not have climbed the Faraway Tree with Moon Face, had midnight feasts at Mallory Towers or had adventures with the Chalet Girls. I would not have learnt girls could be soldiers like Alanna, they could befriend the outsiders and love those who are shunned like Marnie, I would not have time travelled with Dan and Ursula to Roman Britain, been at the Battle of Troy with the Moon Riders, with Odysseus or all the Greek armies. I would never have found the Night World, saved Middle Earth with Frodo and the Fellowship or discovered a world of magic with Harry as we grew up together. Discovered love with Elizabeth and Darcy, met the Kings Assassin or the Liveship Traders, tasted the poisons with Yelena or discovered Spinalonga……

I am already omitting so many characters I have met loved and cherished in the above, I just cant list them all. But each book, story or character has shaped a part of me. Informed a part of who I am, reminds of great times, the dark times that reading got me through and just the joy of being able to read. Without literacy I would have missed out on so many things, I would still be missing out on so many things. Literacy truly is a gift to treasured and should be for everyone, so on International Literacy Day I hope and pray for a future where this is possible.


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