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Book Review: The Bed I Made, Lucie Whitehouse

The Bed I Made, Lucie Whitehouse

I found this a really interesting book to read, as I continued to read it I felt more and more like it was some sour version of 50 Shades of Grey gone psycho. High, giddy romance gone terribly, terribly wrong. But to be honest, the more I read, the more I wondered, was it ever really right in the first place?

I enjoyed the book immensely though. I wanted to keep reading. I wanted to know the finish, what would happen and become of the main character Kate. I have to admit that it did take me a while to warm up to Kate, not due to her indiscretions/lapse in moral judgement, but because it took me a while to ‘get’ her. I am glad though that I took the time to go on the journey with her, from the beginning of her flight from Richard to the very tense and satisfying end.

I certainly found the contrast between Alice (a key character for me) and Kate of interest, and Kate’s fixation and connection with her very unnerving, but perhaps it wasn’t strange considering her trauma. I am glad there was some peace made with this character, a resolution. I found this relationship just as central as the one that Kate develops with Pete in the book. I don’t think you can really do anything but like Pete in the book and you can forgive what may seem a flaw in embarking on something with Kate so soon. I found Kate’s friend easy to like and I think easy to forgive with how she was manipulated and her betrayal of Kate, I am glad in the epilogue this relationship seemed to be mending.

A particular note that I loved in this book was the authors use of the landscape and topography of ‘the Island’ to evoke the moods of the central character and the change from the bleak of winter to the hope of spring. It was well paced also, it was not too long, so you felt the slowly sinister building presence of Richard.

Overall I found this book a satisfying read and I would really recommend, it is well written and well paced. Find it for yourself and enjoy!


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