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Week 24: +2.5lbs and annoyed!

Hey all, sorry this is so late a post regarding last week’s weigh in, after having a week off and going back to work it has been so hectic!

But on to the weigh in I am 2.5lbs on, which frankly, really did piss me off at first as I was good, only had a couple of slips and honestly have been worse in other weeks and still lost so I couldn’t see what I had done this week to put on 2.5lbs! Especially after being so pleased last week, I just didn’t feel as if I had put that weight on.

But I spoke to my consultant (and my mum about it) and they were both supportive and also pointed out that with the new exercise I am doing such as the running and using new muscles etc. that are not used to being used that my body will retain water and thus weight while they heal, I had done a run the day before so it did make sense. It is of course no excuse to throw everything out of the window but it puts some perspective on it. I would rather put on water weight as I get physically fitter rather than just food weight from not trying to be a better me.

So I am hoping next week will be better. Onwards and upwards.



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