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Week 25: -1.5lbs – Feeling Happier

I am much happier this week after losing -1.5lbs, especially after that 2.5lbs gain the week before. I would obviously have liked to have lost it all but I am just glad to have lost really, it’s a step in the right direction so I can’t complain.

In all honestly while I am doing exercise and stressing out my body and building up muscles etc. I do have to expect fluctuation and I don’t feel as I am putting on the weight, my clothes are still looser, I feel healthier and primarily for me this is about health and feeling happy.

I did love that the other day I wore a pair of trousers, (that I do wear regularly, but haven’t worn for a while as it has been summertime) were loose by an inch rather than the fitted snugness they had been before so that is all positive motivation.

Just got to keep going to next week now…



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