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Couch 2 5K: Week Three

Well I survived Week Two, and then went into Week Three with about a days rest. I have to admit that I struggle to sometimes have an appropriate gap/break in between due to the demands of life etc. but I would rather keep doing it than stop.

Here is what each day entails in week three:

  • Brisk 5 Min Walk to Start
  • Two Repetitions of the following – Jog 90 Secs, Walk 90 Secs, Jog 3 Mins and Walk 3 Mins
  • 5 Min Cool Down

I really started to get into it this week. As I mentioned last week I really like the longer running sessions as I can get more into a zone and rhythm, this then helps me to push on through.

I did find it pretty amazing how quickly you can adapt to the longer running periods of 3 Mins. On the first day I thought I was never going to be able to carry on or find that easy but I really found it so much easier by day three. So that felt like a great accomplishment.

Next week it is stepping up again with 5 minute running sessions, I am pretty sure that this is going to exhaust me and I will find it so hard but I hope it will be like this week and I will adjust by day three.

I rather look forward to my running now, feeling like I am getting a little routine going on and it is nice to come home and burn off some energy.


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