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Week 27: +1.5lbs

So I got weighed last night and I had put on but this was totally fine as I was absolutely expecting it after last week volunteering at the Henley Literary Festival and being exposed to the absolutely delicious free Gower Cottage Brownies (do try they are delicious!) and oodles of tea available in the festival tent where I was stationed, plus having free sandwich lunches all equals up to not being very good for the waist line!

Also the indications that I was about to start have proved true and that always puts on a gain. So I really wasn’t expecting a great week and psychologically I was prepped for that, still disappointed but I knew it was coming and it was all on me and my decisions. I have to own them.

I can definitely be more on it this week however and my goal is to at least shift the 1.5lbs I have put on. I really feel Winter isn’t helping at the moment as all I want to do is eat – I think I am in hibernation mode and need to adjust to the season and the new healthy choices it offers. So fingers crossed for next week and a better result!



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