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Week 28: -4lbs!

After having had such a weird month, being so up and down, and sometimes just not knowing at all why this had happened it was an absolutely amazing to go in last night and have such a good loss. I knew that after coming off and being very sensible this week (despite a sneaky trip to Harvester) that I was hoping to have at least got off the poundage that I put on last week.

So at the moment I am very pleased indeed. I am actually not going in next week, I thought it was this week but it is in fact next, so I am going to have to stay pretty focused and determined to keep myself going and ensure I come in with a loss.

I really want a loss after the two weeks, as if I manage to lose 1.5lbs then I will reach 1 1/2 stone, and that will be a fab milestone! I really want to have lost 2st by the end of the year, preferably before Christmas, that is my ultimate goal. I think then I will feel comfortable, I may perhaps lose a little more but getting to that will just give me a little bit extra boost. It would certainly be a great way to start 2016!

But that is all to come, and with the festive season, the socialising, and taking some trips coming up, I will have to be really on it and focused. I do find Autumn/Winter far more social than Summer, does anyone else find that?

But yes, I am feeling rather pleased this week.



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