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Week 29 & 30: – 0.5lbs & -1.0lbs

I don’t normally do this but I have been rubbish and as I haven’t updated weekly, my faux pas, I thought on this occasion I would give an update on both weeks in one go.

Week 29 : -0.5lbs
I was just pleased to lose on this occasion. I had missed two weigh ins in a row by this week and I knew that I hadn’t stuck to the plan very well and my eating habits had been all over the place, if anything I was definitely expecting to have put on. Due to an almighty cold I also had not done any exercise in the week leading up, which really didn’t give me much confidence. Luckily, and I am still not sure how, I managed to lose the 0.5lbs I did. I was of course pleased but really knew that I needed to get back on the horse for the following week and make improvements.

Week 30: -1.0lbs
While I still haven’t really gotten into the groove again this week I had been better, tried to be more consistent and re-upped my exercise again following the cold the week before. I think the exercise definitely helped with the weight loss but also it just made me feel better and gave some routine again.

I felt like I deserved the weight loss a bit more this week, as I had tried harder, I certainly could have been better but I wasn’t half as awful as before. I also this week, happily, reached my 1 1/2 stone weight loss with this 1lb. So I am very very very pleased to have finally cracked that goal. I now just need to keep going, be more consistent and if I am good and keep losing weight over the next six weeks, even if it is only a 1lb a time I will be so close to my 2st goal. That should be really doable, yes Christmas week and the run up could be problematic, but I have got this far so I can certainly maintain from now on.

I will aim to be more consistent with my postings as well. Some of the mania should be far behind, and well the chaos ahead is dealable with!



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