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Festive Adventures at Manchester Christmas Market

So I just got back from a long weekend away at the Manchester Christmas Markets. I went with C & his family from the Friday -Monday! It was lovely. A great weekend away and left me feeling very festive, it especially helped as it was so cold this weekend I had to walk around in a coat, hat and lots of layers.It can’t feel like Christmas when you are hot! Well I don’t think so? Has anyone ever had a hot Christmas?

After our visit I would really recommend going to the Manchester Markets, it’s a really decent size with lots of Christmas atmosphere and LOTS of treats to eat (see the pancakes and Nutella below!).  I perhaps over indulged a little this weekend, but hell it was a weekend off and it was worth it. There was so much there to tempt you from the food stalls to the really great restaurants. In terms of the market there were nine dotted around overall, with the main one in Albert Square presided over by the large Santa (see my rather rubbish selfie). You did, obviously have repeating stalls around each of them but it was all still nice with enough overall variety.

Manchester itself has some great architecture, industrial, classical and Gothic. It makes for a great combination to look at, even without the markets dotted around like little lit up villages and billowy clouds of hot chocolate smoke, it would be pretty. Outside of the market stalls the shopping itself is pretty damn good, you can certainly find everything you need from High Street to High End.

But what I really liked was how you could walk around everywhere, the intimacy of the city centre, which while it was large was accessible.I know we had the advantage of being in a city centre hotel, but still a city centre that can be walked is great.

Pics Below 🙂



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