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Week 31: -0.5lbs

So this an update from Week 31, prior to my Christmas Market shenanigans, sorry for the delay I meant to update sooner and then getting ready for the weekend, and the weekend took over. Plus I didn’t take my laptop with me.

I was pleased with my result this week as I had a rather hedonistic weekend prior to this also as I went to see CATS with my mum, sister, aunt and cousin up in London. So this meant food and drink and socialising,  I did however get a nice coat out of the weekend, so a bonus!

It may not have been a big loss but in the run up to Christmas I am just happy to keep losing, or maintaining, those are my main goals for the next six weeks. It doesn’t have to be spectacular losses, just little and consistently.

I booked myself out of weigh in for Week 32 – I was so tired after my 4 day weekend and I just couldn’t make it. But that’s ok. I have been good so far this week and after eating all the time it gives me a chance to chill and get back into a routine.

I’ll keep you all posted!



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