Week 32: -1lbs

So, after the Christmas Market weekend I didn’t go to my Slimming World group, I booked out as I was so tired and just knew I couldn’t make and really felt I needed some time to get back into a routine and eat normal food portions again!

After the weekend it took me a while, but I did get back into a routine, got back to exercise and just got back to eating as sensibly as possible. The upcoming festive season is catching up with me a bit but I am still being relatively sensible and weighing out bad days with good days.

I am however pleased with my 1lb loss this week, as throughout this month all I want to do each week is just lose 1lb if possible, and anything on top will be a bonus. I think that is realistic and it stops me getting wound up and stressed, yes the last week of December may be really awful, but then again it may not. Who knows.

I am just taking it a week at a time at the moment.



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