General Musings

Christmas: Have you got the spirit?

I have been doing Christmassy things. I have bought presents, I have decorated the office, helped decorate a tree, I have gone to a Christmas Market, done late night shopping, heard some singing and even have an Advent Calendar on the go.. I have done a lot of Christmas activities. Things that are peppy and get other people all glow like and joyful.

Yet I am struggling to get my Christmas mojo going, I am not feeling joyful or peppy! Certainly I have moments, I DO feel Christmassy in the time and place and get that familiar Christmas glow of happiness. But I can’t seem to hold onto it, it slips away and I am left feeling a little bit depleted, wore down and tired.

I know that no one can be full on all over Christmas all the time but I swear I am usually more upbeat, or joyful at this time. I guess it is  stresses at work and at home that are stopping me fully embracing the Christmas spirit this year, hopefully once a few things have calmed down and I have some resolution in other areas then I will feel a bit more into the festive season. I think it will pick up, the festive feeling is getting better, but it’s like a slow candle that needs a bit of TLC!

I do however hope that everyone else is feeling more festive, and has lots of plans and happy things going on?! How are you celebrating the season at this time of year? 🙂



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