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Week 34 & 35 – The Festive Season Update

So rather than try to be punctual with my blogging over the festive period I am afraid that this will have to be an update after a rather lengthy silence.

Right, Week 34, this was actually a real surprise of a week. Despite 2 three course lunches, a night of drinking (without abandon I hasten to add), fairly adequate sticking to plan at the weekend I wont claim to be good – it would just be lies, lies, lies and then another meal get together right before weigh in I somehow had a -2lbs weigh in. I have no idea how or why, I did exercise as regularly as possible in the week knowing that I was eating a lot but I didn’t expect it to actually help that much – colour me confounded. It was nice however heading into Christmas with weight off rather than on.

Week 35post Christmas. I wasn’t an Angel at Christmas with a capital A, I cant even claim to have been one with a lower case a. I indulged. I had a good time. I ate food. I was merry. I basically enjoyed myself and the festive season and all it has to offer and I am unashamed of this. So I was expecting to have put on at my post Christmas weigh in. But it was only +1lbs so I am thankful for that.

Now its the New Year. I need to get back into eating normally, with less picking and get back into my exercising regime. I have been naughty. Now is the time to be good.




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