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Week 37: +1lbs

So I went in with a gain this week which I was not surprised about. Yes I could have been better but frankly I wasn’t awful. I am fairly sure that the real culprit was exercise. That a large portion of the gain was due to water weight around my muscles as I did my first run of the New Year at the weekend and did my first Zumba of the year the next evening! My legs were not amused! It was however great to get back into exercise again after about a three week hiatus. Left me feeling all happy and energised!

I am not blaming all of the gain on the exercise, but I certainly don’t think that it helped.

But hopefully next week I can go in with a loss, I just have to continue exercising and eating sensibly. Easy, right? I am hoping so. January has been a bit of an odd one. But I am getting more into the swing of things. So fingers crossed I’ll get back on track and focused.



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