General Musings, Home Style

I am a homeowner!



Well, I say I, I mean we. As in me and C have finally finished our house purchase and have keys in hand. This is very exciting. It has taken so long to get this done and towards the end it was all getting very tense, what with expiry dates and incompetent solicitors! But thankfully, and with much stress, it all came together and we exchanged contracts and completed in time.

We didn’t have a lot of organising time, due to all basically having to be resolved a.s.a.p. so we completed 2 days(!) after exchange. We got the keys last Friday (15th)!

We haven’t yet been able to fully move in yet, due to little organising time, and two we wanted to deep clean it and do some sorting. On Saturday we deep cleaned -DEEP CLEANED – as it needed it, but as we also want to paint it and sort out some new carpets we are taking it slow. But it shouldn’t be too long and then we can be officially in.

Exciting! I am sure you will hear more updates.


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