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Week 39: -1lbs – yay!

It may not be much, in fact it may be miniscule in the grand scheme of things but having a loss this week felt so good! It was a really good self-starter to get going and get on with everything. It was fantastic! Now I just need to stay on track, get back in control and concentrate! Perhaps the January funk is finally lifting. Here’s to positive thinking!

I actually went to a different group as well this week, as a friend who has just started and I had a birthday meal straight after and hers was closer. It felt really nice to get to a group again, and listen, share etc. I can’t tell as well if I liked the group more? Perhaps it was also just nicer going with a friend. I think that competitive element (I know dirty words!) would spur me on a bit at the moment. But it was a refreshing change.



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