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Week 41: -(yes -!) 4.5lbs!

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! I think beyond thrilled would be my reaction to last nights weigh in, as I effectively lost my gains of last week and another 2lbs on top. Now that is a result!

I clearly do a lot better when I exercise regularly, which I did always know but it’s nice to have it confirmed as I got back up to three periods of exercise this week – aiming for four next week!

I also on the food front just stopped letting myself make silly food choices. I wasn’t an angel, but I was better, as I had to eat out quite a few times over the weekend particularly. But I made as sensible as possible options. I regularly checked the syn value of things, which definitely kept me on track from over indulging, and was just more conscious overall. So I am pleased.

I really now need to keep the momentum going over the next week, keep that exercise on track and watching my syns and hopefully I’ll be closer to that 2st! Wish me luck.


P.S Also cant believe I am on Week 41! Nearly a year soon.


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