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Lent: Giving up Caffeine. I’m screwed.


Me and the PG Tips Monkey, I love him, just like I love tea and love coffee. I fear I would not bleed red but in fact bleed tea if cut open. I love tea in a big way. I am a proper English girl and quite convinced, as my mother and grandmother have taught me, that tea solves all of life’s ills; feeling cold have a tea, feeling hot have a tea, someones died have a tea, you’ve broken a limb have a tea….you get the gist.I have therefore set myself the challenge, the personal battle of wills with my own tea addiction to give up caffeine for Lent.

I think I’ve finally cracked. Last time I went without tea/caffeine for 24 hours there were mood swings, headaches, snappiness. It was not a pretty picture.

But I reasoned that for Lent I had to give up something that was truly truly hard for me.We discussed at work that I should give up alcohol, but I wouldn’t find this hard, give up chocolate – again not a major for me, i’m far more savoury inclined. But these would be a cop out and not really challenging myself.

So caffeine it was. I know it is in a lot; but I am specifically looking out for the liquid form i.e. coffee, tea, cokes etc. and any obvious food stuffs. While it is for Lent it’s also a good detox/health kick to end my reliance on caffeine liquids, drink more water. Work will be hard though as there is a big tea culture in the office, will have to remember to say no and fore-arm myself with herbal tea.

But I am hoping that it will hopefully be good for my skin and perhaps help my slightly insomniac sleeping – I am an awful sleeper. Apparently it’s not normal to survive on 5 or less hours regularly?

Either way I will see how this goes. I may survive intact and rational. I rather think I’ll be moody and nuts. I’ll keep you posted.





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