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Lent: Giving up Caffeine – update!

So I have been doing this non-caffeine gig for nearly two weeks now and I am pretty sure I am hungrier than I ever normally am. Perhaps caffeine suppressed food cravings or something but all I want to do is eat eat eat and eat. No food is too lowly, too naughty or too indulgent! This is really bad. I am struggling to curb myself and my need for food. I have to get it under control or that whole weight loss thing might reverse on me.

I do have to say the first  week was bearable, I did well, I barely noticed the absence of tea and coffee – this week – I’ve got pangs bad. It really doesn’t help when it’s cold as all I want to do is curl up with a hot tea. Or when I am tired. Or when we are taking a break from all the house decorating and DIY. But oh god I just want a cup of tea!

I will hold up my hands however to one slip up, and it was a completely unconscious one, we went out for dinner at the weekend at our local Wetherspoon, so nowhere fancy, and I ordered a burger (again with the bad food!) and when they asked what drink I wanted I automatically said Pepsi Max and it only hit me half way through the drink and burger what I had done!! BUT I have not slipped up since and I have resisted my major teamptation! So am allowing some kudos.I could have thrown in the towel!

Here’s to a better few weeks ahead. Perhaps I’ll stop eating and regain some equilibrium!



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