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Lent: Giving Up Caffeine – I Survived!

It got hard towards the end but I survived! I went a whole 6 LONG weeks without Caffeine and didn’t kill anyone.

In the last week of Lent I had a load of stuff on at work with two events in one week, some very early mornings and some late evenings and all I wanted was a cup of tea! Not even necessarily for the caffeine fix, I think I just missed the comfort factor. But that final week was a hard week to not let my tiredness, grumpiness and general crankiness out on people. But I was very good and did not do this.

Now it’s been a couple of weeks post no caffeine and it actually took me a few days to even want a cup of tea which was weird, I think I got so used to not having anything that when I was able too my little conditioned mind couldn’t comprehend it.

But I have been having tea again, however, I am making a conscious effort not to have too much caffeine whether, tea, coffee or fizzy drinks. I am trying to watch my intake and have other soft drinks or water instead as I think it did help me sleep better not being on the caffeine as I was able to fall asleep a lot easier so perhaps I need to do a tea cut off point? Scary thought!

But the key point I took was that I have proved for myself that I can go without tea, that I am not necessarily totally dependent…but, frankly a tea isn’t the worst thing I could be doing to myself and I am still going to enjoy a cup…. in moderation – rather than administering via IV….perhaps that may be the key!

I do also hope that all other Lent giver uppers were successful in their endeavours!



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