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Week 51: +4.5lbs

Totally knocked me for six on this one. It was definitely self inflicted but I feel I have been worse before this and not gained this badly. Still no excuses, it is definitely the kick I need to get really back on it and just focus. Since moving I feel like I have lost all focus on my eating habits and exercise habits. Though in all honesty I am feeling pretty unfocused in a lot of areas of my life and lack of food control is likely a by product!

BUT the sun is shining, evenings are longer and I can definitely get into a new routine, perhaps with adjustments to my current one as I am currently so tired all the time I cant think and eat straight, hopefully doing that will help me be in control and eat healthier again.

I’ve done it before, made the changes and had the results. Just got to get my head back in the game.



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