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Week 52: -4lbs! YAY!

I LOST 4lbs!!! This means I need to only lose half a pound to shift last weeks gain, however I really want to lose more than that for next week! I am so pleased that I lost, especially as it was my birthday weekend and that is never a good combination for weight loss.

I was hopeful that I had lost but I wasn’t very confident that it was that much, although I did try to be as good as possible over the week despite a birthday curry, a birthday meal and a day at the seaside – though I was good as possible, I even had fat free frozen yoghurt rather than ice cream, very yummy actually!

I do feel like I am getting my mojo back again, getting my mind back in the game, which feels very positive. I’ve realised that I need to start taking back ownership of my good and BAD decisions and have really been working to and put SW in to my new routine at home with C. I have definitely found that being more prepared helps me to focus on my choices so I have been being more prepared.

So I am feeling good about the week ahead, I have a plan and I am going to stick to it.



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