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Week 54: +1lb

I was expecting this after the weekend seeing C’s parents with lots of rich, very indulgent food on offer, oh and Sangria to boot! I’m actually more surprised that it wasn’t a higher gain to be honest, but I did exercise a lot prior and after so this must have helped to offset the extra calories somehow.

I’m not sure what to expect for the week ahead as I have a Guide camp at the weekend, and while the menu seems ok, though I don’t fully know as I am not in charge of it, I can’t really tell how it will affect me. I’ll just be as good as I can really and hopefully the fact that it will be a busy one at the weekend will keep off any potential extra weight!! But who knows.

Still I would like a loss and I have a mind to take some off my own treats/snacks with me so I don’t automatically fall for sugar, keep to the path as it were. I think I’ll be ok, even as a guide I can’t remember camp food and I getting along very well and my stomach is more sensitive now so I’ll be avoiding any obvious triggers.


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