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Guide Camp – exhausting!

This Bank Holiday I spent the weekend with eighteen 11-14 year old girls in a field in Ruislip at Guide Camp. We went from the Saturday through to Tues afternoon. Mostly the weather was lovely on Saturday and Sunday, with Monday being colder and overcast, however Tuesday was so so so wet! But hey that is the fun of camping in Britain, all seasons in one weekend!

It was a lovely, but very tiring weekend, and it has been so long since I camped I was a bit hazy on the details and couldn’t remember how to do everything but I muddled through. I did, however, manage to pitch a tent again! I was very impressed as it didn’t fall down all weekend!! The girls did a lot of activities on site as well as the usual Guide camp chores, and we went on walks and explored the local area; going along to Ruislip Lido where the cafe had very nice ice cream! So they got out and about and so did we, it felt nice to be so active, though the frequent tea top ups & cake were much appreciated. Though I’ll have to kick that dependency post-camp!!

It was lovely but I was very thankful to get home, have a hot shower, get clean and feel warm again! With the majority nice weather I also managed to get something of a tan – I’m still a close shade of alabaster on my legs but my arms aren’t doing too badly! so all in all a good weekend! By the time I got home though and relaxed (had to a food shop as C had been busy all weekend too) going to slimming world was not an option – so I bailed! I think I would have done OK, but I was too shattered!



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