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Week 1 @Target – +5lbs

So I am going with this week as a new beginning, and starting it as being Week 1 of my Slimming World journey as a target member.

I am not surprised I have put on 5lbs, which is annoying but with being ill I think I’m absorbing food a bit and with the UC (Ulcerative Colitis) I am still trying to figure out what I can and can’t eat as some sites say not too much fibre which obviously means the slightly unhealthier bread options and also can be limiting with not having a lot of veg to fill me up as speed food, and eating it raw as snacks as it is harder to digest. So I have got a learning curve ahead, but I am hoping thee healthier I get and the more into remission that I can reintroduce more fibre and eat more like I used too, perhaps finding ways to eat veg and fruit that won’t irritate.

I also need to shake off bad habits where I have been eating what I like recently rather than thinking about what I am eating and making naughty choices. I’ve been looking over my Slimming World recipe books for inspiration on good lunches and dinners, and I am slowly trying to incorporate some of these changes and hopefully begin stabilising as I don’t want to just keep putting weight back on at all. I’ve been having risottos with soft veg like peas, as well as making the Slimming World fish pie. Just have to do more of these things.

Mushroom Risotto, Salmon & Peas
Slimming World Fish Pie

It probably doesn’t help that I haven’t been exercising at all like I was, from 3/4 times a week to nothing. But I am still weak and I know I have to pace myself to get my stamina and strength back, so my plan is to do so more walking around where we live and look into swimming at my local gym as that is a good way to use lots of muscles. Hopefully this will help and I can build back up to my old routines.

I’ll see what happens next week, but I just don’t know at the moment. It’s kind of a week at a time for me. Wish me luck!






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