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Struggling a little…

I am struggling a little at the moment, really trying to make good choices with food but I do think I am comfort eating with it a little. I just felt so rubbish when I was ill, and it is so nice to be able to eat again but I do need to get on top of my cravings and be better behaved.

I don’t think I am going to do well at this weeks weigh in at all, definitely not within target range, but that is OK. Hopefully it will give me the kick up the butt I need to be more on plan and to make those better choices I need to make. I’ve tried to have a good kick start this morning and had a syn free breakfast of beef pastrami and eggs, which was very nice and I just need to keep that going now.

I am planning to be better prepped this week as well with lunches and dinners to be more on plan, and better at counting the syns and avoiding those little ones that crop up when you don’t realise. Planning to get back into exercise (gently mind you) as well as I miss it and need to start before I just don’t get on it!

Just got to be better. #motivation

Beef Pastrami & Egg cooked in Fry Light

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