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Week 3 & 4 @ Target: 10st 11lbs

Ok, so at present I am currently out of target range, I was last week and I was this week however I have stayed the same over both weeks so that it is a win.

While it is of course frustrating to have not lost, I am not too surprised, when I got weighed again for the first time I was probably rather artificially light – it was pretty soon after hospital and it was quite a low weight for me to be able to maintain when I am still getting symptoms and myself under control. Plus as I said I have been putting on weight quite easily and  I am hungry all the time, though I am getting that under control (sort of!) and on top of that I have the steroids which I think are helping me retain water – got to love that!

So overall I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t have a loss this week. But I do really want one next week, so definitely going to eat better where possible – like I said still figuring out the food stuff, but it is getting better and going to schedule in some exercise, even if it is just a walk!

I am definitely getting frustrated though and wish I could just eat normally again, with no fruit and veg worries, fibre worries, nut worries, spice worries etc. while I have been eating some of this stuff I’m still not eating it 100% as I don’t know if it will cause an upset. But this does make Slimming World and the free food concept harder, but hopefully increasing those foods slowly will be ok and mean I can snack syn free again!!

Still wish me luck it’s a long journey. I’ll keep you updated.



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