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Prepping for the week ahead!

It has been a busy weekend of seeing friends, having family over for lunch and giving the house a thorough clean (yes the family coming over did instigate a kick up the butt on this front!!). I decided to be prepped and take some Slimming World friendly food when we went to visit friends as it was a gaming night, so they were providing food and I wanted some diet friendly options!

So I cooked some pasta with reduced fat pesto,  roasted vegetables and chicken to take along, however as I made loads I now have plenty left for the week to have for lunch – so that makes me feel better prepped for the week ahead.

Pasta, roasted veg, pesto and chicken!

I was also even more prepared and made another Slimming World recipe that was in the October recipe booklet, the spicy breaded chicken. I figured that they would be a good thing to have as snack to go with lunches, they offer the savoury kick that I like, and are also lower in syns than crisps!

They were pretty simple to make, just putting together the spicy dip/rub and then rolling in the breadcrumbs and baking at 200 Celsius for 30 minutes. The other half, who is a proper chicken person liked them, so he can nibble in the week too and it’s good to know he likes them if I want to make them again. I was pleased with how they turned out, they weren’t as crispy as I was expecting but I guess you can only get that with deep frying – and that would not be Slimming World friendly!


So I’m feeling like it has been a good weekend and it is nice knowing that my lunches are more sorted for the week ahead, my other half C also made some very nice chickpea fritters along with a minty yoghurt dip that was from the Slimming World recipe book so they will be good snacks too!

Overall feeling more positive going forward this week so hopefully this will reflect in  a loss.


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