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Week 5 @ Target: Still trying…

Still out of target range, but I am not that surprised, it wasn’t a great eating week. I had little to no willpower, I have no idea why and it also happens to be the ‘time of the month’. But I can’t really complain about that one as it is the first one in a while since being ill.

It is still annoying though, however while I was prepped at the weekend I think the prepping will hopefully (fingers crossed) make more of a difference for next week rather than this weeks weigh in. I have to be better prepped as  I am out for a friends birthday at the weekend too.

Perhaps I should get a meal planner? I’ve seen those and been sorely tempted….hmmm. Definitely something to think about.

But to help I have also decided to go for the Body Magic awards, at the moment I am just aiming for the Bronze (3 x15mins per week for 4 weeks), while I was probably doing the silver level (3 x 30mins) before I got ill I want to build myself back up again slowly. I need to get some motivation to exercise again and getting an award may be just the ticket!

So wish me luck folks!



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