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Week 7&8 @ Target: It all goes pear shaped…

I’ve put on 4lbs over the past two weeks. I know why. I just haven’t been very on plan or even really on it at all. I don’t know why exactly at the moment. I just can’t seem to push past some kind of mental roadblock and my motivation….so low.

At the moment I have so much else filling my mind and time that planning food and eating properly, i’m really struggling with it. For some reason that little thing called willpower, not in the picture, it’s gone on vacation.

Perhaps that is the issue, I need a vacation, a proper period of time to relax, de-stress and get myself back together and in the groove again as I suppose I didn’t have any real relax time from illness to work, and it has been full on at work.

So yes, it has all gone a bit pear shaped at the moment. I need to change it and get back to myself and where I was pre-illness, not 100% perfect but able to resist more and in a better place fitness wise overall.

With only 6 weeks till Christmas I have got to get my groove back…



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