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Week 9 & 10 @ Target: …we have a loss and then a weekend away…

I was very very pleased to have a 3lb loss in week 9, to be honest I was surprised to have had that high a loss this weigh in, I was much better but not amazing… but I guess that I was better and more aware of my food intake so rather than being negative and self-deprecating i should pat my self on the back. So that was definitely a bonus.

It was very nice going in to Week 10 with a loss as I was away at the weekend from Friday – Monday in Birmingham for the Christmas Market, which I love going to, in fact I just love going to Birmingham. It was where I went to Uni after all. But I really wasn’t good with the food, oh I tried, and I ate moderately well on occasions but then I couldn’t resist macaroni cheese and that was it….I was done! So I did come in with a 2.5 gain this week, which I am fully aware that I totally deserve!

But hey ho it is now another week, another fresh start, another chance to try. So i’m not going to beat myself up about the gain and just start with a new week ahead. Life’s far too short to stress over some lbs and that is one thing I have definitely learned in 2016!



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