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Week 12 @ Target: and we have a gain!

I am such a yo-yo at the moment! I gained 2.5lbs this week after losing 1.5lbs last week. But in all honesty I wasn’t great this week, I really had one of those not giving a crap weeks. I don’t know why exactly, is it the season, the going out, or just the fact I am overall having a bit of an existential crisis at the moment after this year.

I don’t know and it may be nothing to do with that at all but just in fact my sheer sheer lack of willpower to cake, chocolate, crisps and all bad things. But hey it’s not the end of the year yet, I may still win back some losses before we hit 2017.

But wish me luck as this upcoming week is a proper pitfall of a week, full of team lunches, friends Christmas gatherings and pantos!



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