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Week 13 & 14 @ Target: Festive period….

Sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL the past couple of weeks, I just really wanted to chill and relax and get away to some extent from the computer, working in an office style environment means I never feel very far away from technology and I wanted to cleanse a bit overall.

However, lets crack on. So on Week 13 (so pre-Christmas) I went in with a 1lb loss, which I found surprising having had a week of Christmas meal and meet ups, even a full on meal on weigh in day. So I was pleasantly surprised, but it was nice to go into Christmas with a loss.

So I of course vowed to be good over the Christmas period, and not over indulge, in reality me and food were great mates and I ate like I wouldn’t see food again (well that’s what I felt like!) and I went in to Week 14 (post-Christmas), with trepidation….however the result wasn’t that awful having only put on 1lb. So I was rather happy with that result, and not the worst I was expecting.

Tonight’s weigh in however could be a whole different story….as my eating shenanigans didn’t stop as I had more evenings out and a birthday in the New Year. But that’s fine. Whatever the result is I will deal, and it can be addressed/dealt with.

Besides it’s a New Year. New Start. New Chances.



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