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Week 15 @ Target: 2017 #goals

Hello, all. So as you may know I am not really at target, not properly, and I do think my target was hard for me to keep following my illness and recovery. It didn’t at the time feel like a natural weight as I hadn’t got there naturally, however I do need to re-kick my weight loss, exercise motivation and get out of my post-recovery slump.

In 2017 then I have decided to set myself a monthly weight and fitness goal, to give myself bite size motivational targets to stop me reaching for the pies, crisps, chocolate – anything really! After coming in last night with a 2.5lb gain, which I totally deserved after my hedonistic new year eating (unfortunately not so much with the drinking with UC) it has given me a wake up call to be better and more focused.

I am therefore setting myself the goal of losing my festive gains (3.5lbs in total) by the end of January, sustain it, and to ensure that I am exercising at least once a week, I need my exercise routine back. It’s not a massive goal but a small one, and one at the moment where I am swinging in to things that I think I can manage.

Wish me luck!



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