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Week 16 @ Target: smashed it, now maintain it

I had a really motivating weigh in this week after coming in with a -4lb loss! This means that I lost all 3.5lbs of my Christmas and New Year gains, and some extra, so I am really really pleased! Of course this doesn’t mean one can get complacent, I still need to ensure that I am reaching my other monthly motivation goal – exercising at least once a week.

I am definitely being more active at work where possible – going out for at least a 20 minute stretch of the legs, which all counts as body magic. I changed jobs at the end of the last year which also meant a campus change and I just don’t find myself moving as much on the new campus – just less need to, I miss the old campus I was on, it was more buzzy, energetic and more reasons to get up and go for a walk somewhere (even if it was work related!). So I need to be consistent at it, and also ensure I am doing more exercise out of work too.

But on the whole that was a very very positive weigh in! I am pleased to have kick started off my first proper weigh in and group on that note. It does give you a good mindset and you feel more motivated to keep going. Well I do.

Lets hope I can keep the momentum going for next week too.



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